Applied Strategy Execution - Self study

Learn how to put your strategy to work with this PDF Self-study Edition of the Applied Strategy Execution program. A framework for clearly stating an organization's strategic goals and objectives, translating them across the organization. Define and

Execution Console  v.1.0

Execution Console is an Adobe AIR application, a desktop for Web Apps. Bookmarking and beyond - Manage Icons for your Web Apps and Files in Workspace Tab with drag and drop, pasting and organization. Execution Console is a convenient software that


Applied Strategy Execution (Instructor)  v.2

Put your strategy to work with this Instructor Edition of ASE, the innovative Applied Strategy Execution program.

PLEXIL (plan execution software)  v.386

PLEXIL is a plan execution language developed and applied in automation applications at NASA.

Employee Task Chaser

Develop the EXECUTION abilities of your work team. Employee Task Chaser is new execution control software specifically designed to register and monitor all tasks assigned to employees until their conclusions. Co-workers will capture all daily activities

SQL Studio Query eXecutor

SQL Studio Query eXecutor (QX) is a simple query and SQL script execution utility for Microsoft SQL Server. It features color syntax highlighting, whole script or selected statements execution, executing of SQL scripts or stored procedures, and multiple

Free Project SCORECARD

The Business SCORECARD produces one number that indicates how well your company, business unit or department is achieving its plans. The Project SCORECARD system improves the execution of projects. The process helps achieve more, faster, cheaper and

DTM ODBC SQL runner  v.2012

DTM SQL runner is a free command line tool for SQL statements execution. It allows the user to specify ODBC data source name and file with SQL statement. It is suitable for batch and scheduled job execution. 32 and 64 bit versions. Free to use.

JavaAssistant  v.2.0

This software is for debugging, compilation, execution, and launching java software and applets.

BPEX Strategy Deployment Templates  v.2

Conduct a strategy deployment and execution using this two-part product, originally developed as a companion to the electronic Applied Strategy Execution Training Guide + Slides.

BMDFM -Binary Modular DataFlow Machine 5.9.9 build:23-Sep-2004  v.1.1

BMDFM (Binary Modular DataFlow Machine) is software, which enables running an application in parallel on shared memory symmetric multiprocessors (SMP) using the multiple processors to speed up the execution of single applications.

HSLAB Force Down Lite  v.

The program is intended for fast and guaranteed execution of Windows Shutdown if there is a plenty of open applications.

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